Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Minister Creek...... Gotcha Back!

So my friend Mark, his sons Preston and Clayton and step-son Kevin headed to Minister Creek on the weekend before Memorial Day to hike the trail. This was the first ever backpacking trip for the four of them, so it was very exciting. For me, it was the first time back since hurting my knee in January. We had some rain, some warm weather, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Clayton, Kevin, and Preston on the way to the trail!

Mark and Clayton starting out up the "hill"

Some weird wormy thing......


On the Overlook in the Pouring Rain
A wet lunch break under a giant overhang!

Just before camp..... everyone ready for a break?

Home Sweet Home!

Tronk inside the tent drying out!

Mark on the bridge.....

Mark and the boys.... almost done

Kevin "putting out the fire"

Hiking out.....

Tronk on the trail

Minister Creek Rocks Awesome!

The Pump House....

The Sawmill..... Good Eats!

The Ride Home..... Kevin is lying down in the back!

So we had a great time.... we met a lot of nice people on the trail in the rain, including a bunch of young ladies who termed themselves HAGS..... High Adventure Girl Scouts. We shared some laughs with the people we met on the trail, and were impressed with the tenacity of those out there in the rain with us.
The boys did great and are looking forward to their next trip. As for me, the knee held up and me and Mark are planning higher adventures!
As a point of importance.... we ate at the Sawmill Restaurant on our way home. Great food, great prices, and after you are done stuffing yourself, ICE CREAM! I haven't eaten there in about 25 years, but it was everything I remembered and more.
Until next blog..... the training continues!

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