Monday, March 17, 2008

Zone Swim Meet 2008

I spent the weekend in Cleveland Ohio at the Zone Swim Meet. This is a swim meet where the best YMCA swimmers from five states compete against one another. I have the distinct honor of coaching some of the finest swimmers in Northeast Ohio who did very well at Zones. Here are the pictures I took of these great kids.

Cleveland State Natatorium

Ashley and "Old Bear"

Coaches Jessie and Jeff

Taylor, Tre, Dannielle, and Jessie


Kayleigh, Kayla, Becca, Rachel, and Mikayla

Mikayla, Danielle, Meryl, and Jessie

Kara Shows off her "sound system"

Joe shows off his Neptune Pride with an "N" on Justin's back

Neptune Men - Ryan, Tom, Nick and Coach Jeff

Alicia and brother Ian

Neptune Women - Katie, Steph, Morgan and Ashley

Alec, Alex, Justin, and Joe - Neptune Strong!

Katie, Steph, and Ashley

Coach Sue and Coach Jessie

I am very proud of each and every one of these swimmers. They had a great season and I can't wait until next year.