Monday, March 24, 2008

Week 10 - More than half way there on the 18 week training plan!

Would you pick these guys up?
Tronk & Son Taylor after long run!

This week started out so-so. I ran on Monday but really didn’t feel like running at all. I was exhausted from the weekend in Cleveland and wanted to relax more than anything. I was slated to run 5 miles but I managed only 3 ½ before calling it a day. I then went to fire drills and worked with 5” hose. That was a workout in and of itself.

I took Tuesday off as scheduled and had planned on 4 miles on Wednesday. Unfortunately it rained all day Wednesday and instead of risking getting sick, like half on my co-workers, I scratched the run and made it up on Thursday with a 4 mile run around town.

I took Friday off at work being Good Friday and my son Taylor had planned on doing his long run in Mill Creek. I told him I would join him but we would have to come up with a plan to do this. I cannot run his pace and I was planning on 16 miles or so and he wanted to run 20.

We parked at the Mill and decided that he would run the east side of Newport and I would run the west side. When he got around to me, he would turn around and run with me until we got to Shields road. After crossing Shields, he would run his pace again and follow the road along the golf course, cross the bridge onto the hike/bike trail, and then turn right and run to 224 and turn around. I would cross the bridge and turn left and run until he caught back up with me. When we got back to Shields road, we would run opposite sides of Newport and he would again run around until he met up with me and then turn around. This didn’t quite work out the way we planned as the bridge to cross over to the hike/bike trail was flooded and there was no way to cross over. We both ran to 224 so he was in front of me by quite a bit.

I ran by myself from Shields road to 224 and back and had made my way almost all the way to the Mill before I saw him coming the other way with a smile on his face. We made it to the car and re-fueled and got something to drink. We had been running for an hour and a half and both of us were feeling good.

After a few minutes, we started down the road away from the Mill towards Cohasset and onto the east Cohasset trail. Once we were on the trail, we decided that he would run his pace and go ahead of me and go along the east side of Lake Glacier and I would go along the west side. I would run until I got to him and then I would turn around and we would finish the last 2-3 miles together.

As I approached Lake Glacier I was trying to spot him coming from the other direction but I could not see him. He was wearing a bright yellow Livestrong hat so he was pretty easy to spot. I started down the west side of Glacier towards the Old Log Cabin waiting for him to come. As I rounded the corner towards the Cabin, I spotted him coming the other way. I stood and waited for him and when he got to me he said he needed to walk a bit. He had pushed the hills hard on the other side and was starting to feel the pain of running for over 2 hours. We starting running again after a bit and decided we would run to the bottom of the hill by the flats and we would power walk the last climb. We got about half way up the hill and I remembered there is a trail that goes off to the right that will take you down to the decking by the Mill. We opted for that and enjoyed the scenery from the trail perspective. We reached the car and had run for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Taylor guessed he covered 20 miles and I figured I almost had 17. We were both tired and were glad to sit down. We enjoyed pretzels and water in the car on the way home.

Mill Creek on Saturday Morning! New Snow.

On Saturday my legs were feeling the pain and the new snow on the ground could have easily made me say I am not doing anything today. Instead I cleared the driveway, changed my clothes and headed back to the park for another run. I parked at the Lily Pond and headed immediately towards Bear’s Den. I wanted to climb and see what I had left in my legs. It wasn’t much, but I got to the top and the longer I ran the better I felt. I covered about 8 miles in 65 minutes. The park looked beautiful with all the new snow and I enjoyed every bit of it.

My Back Yard Saturday Morning
Sunday was Easter and I got up and went to church with my family. After church I had about 90 minutes before I had to be at dinner at the in-laws so I took advantage and got a 4 mile run around town in. I was somewhat stiff but again, the longer I ran the better I felt.

This was a great week of training. I had the opportunity to run with my son on the longest run of his life, and I got to get in some quality miles.

Totals for the week:
317 minutes of running
35.5 miles
Long Run = 16+
Weight = 198.

Next week I am scheduled to run 18 miles. I am looking forward to a 3 hour run.

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