Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Week 6 - Training on a Pergo Floor - NOT!

Well I had some good runs this week. I started out on Monday with a 4 mile run around town on a cold wintery morning. It was about 10 degrees and it actually felt warmer because the wind did not seem as bad.

On Wednesday I ran for about 50 minutes but given the conditions I suspect it was only about 5 ½ miles. The roads in town were slick and I never felt like I could get any momentum while running.

Friday at work I watched it snow all day and could not resist the temptation to cross country ski instead of run when I got home. Cross country skiing is definitely harder to do than run, so I did not feel like I was sacrificing any conditioning. I was supposed to run 5 miles so I figured if I skied for an hour or so I would be good. I skied for 60 minutes around town and quickly remembered that cutting tracks in while skiing is hard work. After making my first loops which took about 40 minutes, I went back and skied over the whole thing again in about 20 minutes. It was quite exhausting but a nice break from running.

My son Taylor had arranged for a TeamPR group run on Saturday morning so I got up early to find that it had snowed even more. There was probably about 3-4 inches of fresh soft powder on the ground. We drove to the park and met Brian Musick and his brother Jeff there waiting for us.

Brian, Tronk, Jeff, Taylor (pre-run)

After some preliminaries, Brian suggested we run the trails. I reluctantly agreed so we left the Lily Pond parking lot and ran the upper trail around the ridge heading towards the Log Cabin. We were not on the trail long before we realized that the trails were in poor shape. We ran trails for about a mile before we bailed and got onto the roads. I had planned on running 14 miles today and I knew I was not going to do it on trails in these conditions.

Road around Lake Newport

We continued on our path around Lake Glacier and followed the roads around the perimeter of the park all the way to Shields Road. When running around Lake Newport we saw Katherine Bosley running with a few other ladies. Ms. Bosley was a local news personality that achieved notoriety on the internet by having some pictures of her posted. That’s a whole different story.

Brian and I ran together for about 9-10 miles of the 13 today and Taylor and Jeff were out in front of us. We were going to sprint up in front of them but we didn’t want to give the two youngsters a complex or anything. So we just held back, ran our pace, stopped to stretch a few times and enjoyed the winter wonderland of Mill Creek Park. This park is always beautiful but with fresh white powder on it, it gets even better

Lanterman's Mill -Awesome!

Tronk running with the Boys!

When we reached the Lily Pond parking lot, Brian’s GPS showed we had covered 12.5 miles. We decided a trip around the Lily Pond may make it 13 total so we ran through the ankle deep snow. Once we got back to the parking lot, we did an extra little loop and made it 13.0. We ran for 2 hours and 18 minutes. Not a blistering pace, but good time on our feet in some very slippery conditions.

On Sunday I had planned on running 4 miles easy but my brother called with a special request. Pergo floor installation! Needless to say I worked for 10 hours on Sunday putting in a floor and could barely stand erect when I finished. I wanted to run when I got home at 8:00, but I was totally exhausted. I actually thought I was getting sick, as I started with chills and sweats. I took 3 Ibuprofen and went to bed. Good news is I woke up fine, but may back down some next week because this is the point in winter when I get sick every year. I am going to allow myself some flexibility in my training next week and be prepared to run the Mill Creek half marathon next weekend. Tronk - King of the Winter Wonderland!

Total Mile Run = 22 ½
Total Mile X/C ski = 5
Long Run 13 miles
Weight = 198 and holding!