Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A "Walk-a-Bout"

So the above picture is my new exercise uniform. I have been walking about 3-4 miles per day at a fairly good clip but nothing compares to a good run. Unfortunately, I had a follow-up with the surgeon today and running will not come soon enough. I will be walking for about another 2 weeks and then introduce running slowly and as tolerated.

As you can see in the picture, my knee is still slightly swollen but this is expected for 15 days post-surgery. Dr. Shannon said that recovery is moving along fine and that everything is normal. A little bit of vitamin I for mild discomfort but other than that all is going well.

The Hockey Rink

Over this past weekend, my wife Pam and I traveled to Neville Island in Pittsburgh to watch my daughter Kyrsti run at Robert Morris University. This complex houses an indoor driving range, several hockey rinks and gymnasiums. It is really a nice set-up and everything is brand new.

The hills surrounding the complex

The driving range

So the plan is to continue power walking for the next two weeks and gradually add short distances of running into the walk. Doc told me to take this slowly as the meniscus continues to heal. I hope to make it to Mill Creek this weekend for a long walk in the park. When you can't enjoy running, you start to go a bit crazy. Hopefully the park will be all the therapy I need!

Stay tuned as the recovery continues!!!!!!!!


Brian said...

Good luck with the recovery Tronk! Look forward to running with you again soon..

Taylor said...

Can see that the recovery is going well. Hope you heal up soon, I've been wanting to run with you for a while now! Maybe after schools out and we can get a nice (easy, for the both of us) run in!