Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Week 1 Marathon Training - Blah!

Well my first week of official marathon training was anything but spectacular. In fact, it should be labeled as forgettable. I started off the week on January 14 with high aspirations of running the schedule I devised. I was pumped. I had planned on a nice easy 5 mile run after work on Monday to recover from the hard10 mile run I had done on Sunday the 13th.

Unfortunately that all changed when I arrived to work Monday morning to find that the Department of Health had arrived at our facility to do our annual Medicaid compliance survey. In simpler terms, this meant that Tronk would be working at least 50 hours this week along with coaching swimming in the evenings. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday amounted to leaving the house at 5:30 a.m. and returning at 9:00 p.m. Not much time (yet alone energy) to even go for a run. I chalked this week up in my mind to getting in whatever I could and start officially next week. One week can’t kill me right? I was grateful that the survey came when it did because I would rather it happen now than in the middle of my training.

So my training for this week amounted to (3) five mile runs on Friday, Saturday, and on a cold Sunday I chose to run on the treadmill (Ughhh!!!). It really sucked!

My weight remains at a steady 200 pounds. One thing I did do was try to use this week as a recovery of sorts. Since I was running less, I did some stretching in the evenings, drank plenty of water, and did some light weight exercises. Next week will be better, and I have already started off well by running my scheduled 4 easy miles on Monday the 21. Boy it was cold out there but I have told myself it is time to put up or shut up.

Continue to follow the blog for updates. It will be at least weekly but may be more frequent if I have an interesting experience that is worth telling the world wide web. See you “On the run”!

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